Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Apples & Chocolate

Welcome to the Hump Day of Apple Week!

For today's yummy project I did a lot of experimenting in the kitchen.  One food that sounds really tasty this time of year is a chocolate dipped caramel apple!  However, the best part about these snacks is the chocolate and caramel, not exactly the whole apple. 

I decided to make two different treats with chocolate dipped caramel apples in mind; Chocolate Caramel Apple Pizza and Caramel Apple Party Bites.

For both of these treats, you need these toppings (or anything else that you would think would taste delightful with apples and caramel) 

Next, I used this recipe to make my own HOMEMADE caramel!!  However, instead of using the original tin can, I put the condensed milk in a glass canning jar with a tight lid to cut out any of those harmful BPAs (I'll do a how to on that process another time, I promise!) 

Then, I cut up some apples into thin slices (easy peasy!)

The difference between these two treats is all in the presentation:  

Chocolate Caramel Apple Pizza
1.  Place the apples flat around a plate,
2.  Pour the caramel on top to your choosing, 
3. Throw on those toppings!

The pizza thing is really simple, fast and perfect to make for yourself or in the event of an impromptu get together.  If you are looking for a more eloquent display of your Chocolate Covered masterpiece, try this:

Caramel Apple Party Bites
1.  Cut apples in to chunky slices (about 6 per apple)
2.  Dip one half of apple slice into caramel
3.  Place apple slice on the plate/surface you want
4. Sprinkle toppings on the caramel

Do you like chocolate dipped caramel apples?  Have you tried to make your own homemade caramel?  Share any recipes in the comments!

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