About Me

Hi!  I’m Jessica, the girl behind Classy Event Organizer. 

Since I was a young girl, I always spent the month or so before my birthday, (or any holiday for that matter), party planning.  I would plan who was coming, the cake, the games we would play, the décor, the food, my outfit… all while digging into my many copies of Emily Post to plan the most elegant and proper soirees.
So why did I start blogging?  I started Classy Event Organizer in 2011 to explore my passion of party planning with a frugal twist.  I enjoy using everyday “stuff” to create fancy party décor and making recipes from ingredients most people have on hand.        
Still today, I enjoy planning the perfect party but sometimes life gets a little busy.  I work fulltime in the finance industry and now I start putting my party planning skills to work to turn “good” into great.  The party planner in me is focused on celebrating the everyday and Classy Event Organizer follows this journey.
One of the best parts about blogging, is getting to know those visit my blog.  Feel free to contact me through the various below social media below:

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The FTC now requires bloggers to give Full Disclosure on if and how they accept compensation for their posts and advertisements.  Mine can be found here. 
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