About Me

Hi!  I’m Jessica and I write Classy Event Organizer to explore the wonderful world of hostess-ing and event organizing (on a budget!).  I started Classy Event Organizer in 2011 on a whim to organize my thoughts and research for my passion of etiquette, DIY décor, and frugal party planning.

I am a full time accountant (so I certainly understand a budget!) and in my free time I plan parties for my friends and family!  I like to put my creativity to the test with DIY décor and using things I already have around the home.  I love sharing my (and my friends’) wins and fails (and sometimes those epic fails) while planning a party, or in the middle of an event.  (Hopefully you can learn from our mistakes!!)

Feel free to contact me through the various below social medias:

Email:  Jessica@classyeventorganizer.com
Twitter: @ClassyEventO
Facebook Fan Page:  Classy Event Organizer 

The FTC now requires bloggers to give Full Disclosure on if and how they accept compensation for their posts and advertisements.  Mine can be found here. 


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