Thursday, September 1, 2011

Bathroom Survival Kit

Party guests will usually venture to your bathroom at least once during your party.  Some might be “doing business” but others will venture into that room to freshen up, check their hair, or try and pick something out of their teeth!  For whatever reason they are in there, usually the room people think the least about becomes another area of the party.  Not only can you add decoration to the water closet, but there is a way to add a bit of a detailed hostess’ touch. 

A normal hostess would at least clean the bathroom and perhaps throw in an extra roll of toilet paper (one would hope, but I‘ve seen otherwise!).  A creative hostess might bring the colors/ decorations from the party’s theme to the room.  But a detailed hostess (like yours truly) adds a bit of a touch to make the party more enjoyable for everyone and perhaps less embarrassing.    

Create a survival kit in a basket, tub, or container.  It could match the theme, or just hold the supplies.  I add things that a girl, or guy, might need during the party that wouldn’t be “acceptable” to place on the dinner table:

Here is what I have added to mine:

-  lotion (both smelly and not smelly)
-  tampons and pads
-  aspirin
-  mints
-  ear swabs
-  disposable nail files
-  pair of nail clippers
-  mouth wash with some disposable cups
-  small pair of scissors
-  sewing kit
-  floss
-  extra rolls of toilet paper
-  stain removal stick

I have heard so many “thanks” for this little basket of treasure from my party guests, such as:  It’s so nice to not have to search the medicine cabinet for floss! (yeah, I thought that was a bit weird too)

This is a picture of what one of my "survival kits" looks like...

What would you add?  Have you ever wished a host or hostess would have had one of these?


  1. How about some room spray :)

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