Tuesday, May 17, 2016

DIY Mocha Icing

Espresso is the base of most fancy coffee drinks - lattes, cappuccinos, macchiatos, and mochas.  One of my favorites is a mocha - hot chocolate mixed with espresso.  I found an easy way to bring espresso to your dessert with two-toned mocha icing.

Bill of Materials
Chocolate Icing
Vanilla Icing

First mix your icings - one spoon full of vanilla in the chocolate and one spoonful of chocolate in the vanilla.  This mix will provide the chocolate base needed, but with a light chocolate and dark chocolate. 

Next add about a shot of espresso (approximately two tablespoons) to each bowl of icing and mix thoroughly!  The smell is delish!

Use icing, as you normally would on cakes, brownies, coffee cake, etc.  Your kitchen will smell like a coffee shop!

I made these a delicious mocha treat for Easter.  I used the two toned icing to decorate egg shaped brownies.  Yum Yum!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Decorated Easter Egg Brownies

This year for Easter I wanted to decorate eggs and make a fun dessert - I didn't have time to do both so I compromised!  I made egg shaped brownies and decorated those!  I guess you could say I got my "cake" and ate it too! 

Bill of Materials
Egg Shaped Cookie Cutter

First, I baked a sheet of brownies per the instructions.  As soon as they came out of the oven, I used the thick cookie cutter to cut the brownies into the egg shape and allowed them to cool.  I wanted to cut the brownies before they cooled all the way so they wouldn't get too flaky before trying to cut. 

Then, I removed the brownies from the pan by removing the surrounding brownie and using a spatula to lift out each egg.

Next, I iced the brownies using vanilla icing.

Decorating time!  I used the M&M's to decorate shapes and patterns to create fun Easter Eggs!

This dessert would be a great activity for older kids as well! Try different candy, or different colored icing - mix it up!

Monday, April 18, 2016

Confetti Icing

I love all things Confetti - cake, cookies, pancakes, oreos, teddy grahams, and my new favorite - Icing!  I have a new and easy way to decorate baked goods from just two ingredients!

Bill of Materials

I suggest using a light color icing because you might not see the sprinkles through a dark chocolate.  You can use the sprinkles that come with icing or buy sprinkles in bulk!

First, pour your icing into a larger bowl big enough to whip it around.  Stir it around to soften the icing up a bit.

Second, dump your sprinkles into the bowl.  If you aren't sure how many you want, start with a few and whip it up. 

Add more sprinkles as necessary.  I like for my sprinkles to dominate the icing!!

Then use icing as you would normally. Either spread with knife or using pipping bag. 

Make sure you use a large enough icing tip for all the sprinkles to flow through - other wise they will get stuck!


Monday, March 14, 2016

Easter Cupcake: Peeps

I wanted to make a fun and interesting Easter Treat for this weekend!  When I started thinking of Easter treats, I immediately thought of PEEPS!  These little fellas show up in grocery stores about a month before the holiday and I think they are so cute!  (cheep, cheep!)  I decided to use them to decorate Easter cupcakes!

First, I baked a batch of cupcakes in brightly colored cupcake wrappers.  I wanted the little chicks to look like they were sitting in a field of grass, so I used green icing and a Wilton leaf decorating tip (#70) to create leaves.  

Cupcakes can sometimes be fragile, so after they were iced, I put them in the container that they would be traveling in for our Easter morning festivities.  When it comes to constructed cupcakes, the less movement from platter to container, the better.

Lastly, I sat each peep on top of a cupcake and "smushed" it down a bit.  The peeps popped back up, but this held the marshmallow to the icing a bit better.

No worries for those of you that are not a fan of sugar coated marshmallows-  I used pastel colored M&M's to decorate a few cupcakes to look like the Easter Bunny hid some eggs!

 What is your favorite Easter Treat? Do you like Peeps?  Let me know what other creations you have made with these delightful chicks!

Friday, February 5, 2016

A Week of Valentine's Day Treats

Need a few fun ideas to show your appreciation for your significant other?  How about a whole week's worth of treats for that special someone?!  Who wouldn't love waking up to a sweet little note and a surprise?  Below are a few ideas for cute sayings to go with simple, yet delightful treats.

I "Chews" You!  - Chewing Gum
For my STUD Muffin...  -  Breakfast Muffins
"Can" you be my Valentine?  - Soda (in a can, duh)
I'm WILD about you!  - Animal Crackers
I know this is CHEE-Z, but I love you!  - Cheez-its
We go together like Milk and Cookies!  - Milk & Cookies
You Light up my life!  - Flashlight

Do you leave fun notes and gifts for your valentine?  What cute sayings have you used for darling notes and gifts?  Do you like finding these types of gifts from your special someone?


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