Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Happy New Year!

I am back from a LOOOONG break trying to get my life back in order from a BIG move!  

Buying a house is a HUGE event in one’s life, and if you've ever bought a house, or had to move all of your earthly possessions from one place to another, you KNOW what I’m talking about!

I want to take a few minutes (or posts) to bring ya’ll up to speed as to what has been going on!  I have had a LOT of really cool events and parties go on in the last couple months that I want to share how I organized for them and how they went!  (That is the point of this blog in case you were curious!)

Let’s recap the LAST event in my townhouse apartment – New Year’s Eve 2012!

Due to most of the items in the apartment being packed up, NYE was a very low key event (meaning, the Mr. Fix-it Fiance, and his Awesome Accountant sister were the only attendants!) and all of these pictures were taken with my phone, not my trusty camera!

The food and drink was VERY simple!  Pink Champagne, because you can't have a NYE party without Champange, accented with Champange cupcakes, with Pink Champange frosting! 

I set out the cupcakes as a "DIY cupcake bar" so that we each could decide exactly HOW MUCH icing we wanted on a cup cake.  This is a great idea, because not only is it fun to frost a cupcake to one's liking, but also those who don't like icing, don't have to eat it!  I LOVE win/win ideas!

I was told that eating doughnuts on New Year's is a tradition, and that they bring luck!  Since we hadn't heard any final details about the closing of our house, I thought we could use ALL the good luck we could get.  I used doughnut holes instead of full doughnuts... 

This is the spread of my last event in my townhouse apartment!  I am SO excited to share with you all of the new events that have gone on since New Year's Eve!

One last picture of my yummy cupcake!  

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