Tuesday, October 23, 2012

6 Ways: Party Inspiration

Need a bit of inspiration for a great party theme?  Or perhaps you have a theme in mind, but no idea how to follow through?  I’m sure you have tried Pinterest or looked at Google images, but sometimes, you want ORIGINAL ideas that are totally unique to you and your party! 

Library:  Have a theme in mind?  Go to the library and find all the books on the topic!  Flip through some pages and gather notes.  You will be really surprised  by the details you can gather.  Also a plus, its FREE!  

Example:  Want to throw a car themed shindig?  Search for car books, you might find an era that you want to focus the party details around.  Find key words (drive, gear shift, wheels, leather, fender) that go along with the theme to be used to “name” foods at a buffet. 

Festivals:  I am taking the opportunity of this fall to go to as many festivals as humanly (and budget-ly) possible.  This has given me A LOT of really great ideas for party details for new party themes all from the sights and smells of the festival.  

Example 1:  A fall festival always smells of apples, cinnamon and popcorn.  The colors are usually brown, orange, perhaps a bit of red and green.  I usually feel all “cozy” at this type of festival.  The next fall party I plan will certainly have these details!

Example 2:  A French festival has Can-Can dancers and a lighted Eiffel tower.  It smells of pastries and fresh bread (not to mention some champagne).  The festival I went to had some lace and French fashion which included Chanel’s classy suit.  I would use these foods, music, and the classy and danty feeling for my “French” Themed party. 

Fabric Store/ Hobby Lobby:  These craft and fabric stores may seem overwhelming to someone who isn’t quite sure what theme they are going to plan around.  However these stores are probably going to have the items you may want to use, or at least use to make something DIY, so why not start there! 

Walmart!:  Just like a craft or fabric store, I use Walmart to buy most of my party supplies (especially now that my local Wally World has a WILTON aisle!  Sometimes when I want inspiration,  I just walk around, find some paint chips to use for a craft, and a pretty wine bottle, and I’m halfway to a girls night in!  (okay, not half way, but on my way!)

 Watch a Movie:  This idea is a lot like the library idea, except it’s a bit more specific.

Example: If I want to theme a party around a movie (Breakfast at Tiffany’s) I like to watch the movie with a pad of paper and a pen to take notes.  You will be surprised of the details you can get!

Clean out your Closet and Kitchen Cabinets:  This idea is probably the cheapest!  Look in your own home for ways to use items you currently have as a piece of your new party them! 

Example:  I use a cake stand/punch bowl as a centerpiece full of apples! 

Have you ever gone out to a store just to get some ideas for a party?  Do you have a Pinterest addiction?  Where do you get inspiration for a party theme?  Share in the comments!

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