Monday, March 14, 2016

Easter Cupcake: Peeps

I wanted to make a fun and interesting Easter Treat for this weekend!  When I started thinking of Easter treats, I immediately thought of PEEPS!  These little fellas show up in grocery stores about a month before the holiday and I think they are so cute!  (cheep, cheep!)  I decided to use them to decorate Easter cupcakes!

First, I baked a batch of cupcakes in brightly colored cupcake wrappers.  I wanted the little chicks to look like they were sitting in a field of grass, so I used green icing and a Wilton leaf decorating tip (#70) to create leaves.  

Cupcakes can sometimes be fragile, so after they were iced, I put them in the container that they would be traveling in for our Easter morning festivities.  When it comes to constructed cupcakes, the less movement from platter to container, the better.

Lastly, I sat each peep on top of a cupcake and "smushed" it down a bit.  The peeps popped back up, but this held the marshmallow to the icing a bit better.

No worries for those of you that are not a fan of sugar coated marshmallows-  I used pastel colored M&M's to decorate a few cupcakes to look like the Easter Bunny hid some eggs!

 What is your favorite Easter Treat? Do you like Peeps?  Let me know what other creations you have made with these delightful chicks!

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