Friday, October 30, 2020

How to: Remove Wine Bottle Labels / Halloween Decor


You probably know by now that I love to turn trash into treasure.  I've shown you how to create your own "milk bottles" and how to reuse plastic containers in your kitchen.  This how-to is to explain how I take labels off of wine bottles and turn them into decor!  

First, you have to drink some wine, which isn't too bad of a step one if you ask me!  I've been collecting these wine bottles and finally have an idea of how to decorate them.  Before we make some decor, we must take off the labels!

Here is how I get the labels off of wine bottles:
1.  Fill your sink with some warn soapy water.  

2.  Toss in the wine bottles and let them soak.  You should be able to see the labels start to get soggy as they darken in color.  

3.  Start to peel the labels off by any corner.  If the label is fully "wet" it should come off fairly easily.  If the label rips as you peel it, toss the bottle back into the warm bottle bath to continue to soak.  

4.  If you have any "goo" left on the bottle after peeling the label off, use a magic eraser or goo-b-gone.

5. Wash and dry the bottles!

Once the bottles are dry, they are ready to paint! I decided to make three sets:  Frankenstein, Jack-o-lantern, and Ghost!  

I used acrylic paint and a foam brush to paint the bottles.  It took a few coats, but once the first layer of color was dry, it was ready to turn them into characters!

There you go, easy peasy Halloween decor, from some "trash" you were going to recycle!

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

DIY: Halloween Brittle

I love using melted chocolate to make desserts because it is so easy to use and you don't have to pre-heat the oven!  Usually I stick to chocolate covered pretzels or oreos, but today I have a brittle recipe that is perfect for Halloween!

Just a few simple steps and you'll have a perfect snack while you watch your favorite Halloween movie!

What you'll need:
Chocolate Chips
Candy Corn M&Ms
Candy Corn
Wax Paper

First, place the wax paper on a tray for your brittle making surface.  Then melt the chocolate chips.  Spread the melted chocolate on the wax paper to make a "chocolate patty". 

Next, sprinkle the M&M's and candy corn on the chocolate patty.  Press the candies into the chocolate so they stick better when the chocolate hardens.  

Now all you have to do it wait!  Wait an hour or so while the chocolate hardens really well.  You could even put the chocolate into the fridge to speed up the process.  Once hard, break the patty into small pieces - this makes it a "brittle"!  

I can imagine putting a few pieces in a plastic bag with an orange ribbon for a gift, or just munching on a few pieces while watching Hocus Pocus!

Enjoy and Happy Halloween!
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