Saturday, July 23, 2011

Books and Brainstorms

I am currently at the end of day two of my blog journey.  I’ve done a lot!  First, I went to the library which is one of my favorite places to get inspiration (and all the books are totally FREE).  I picked up a ton of books to use in my research that they weighed about a ton as well.   

Second, I started brainstorming about past events I’ve held or been able to take part in; including my childhood birthday parties. (I still have my party planning notes!) Even in the last year I’ve been able to have lots of events to plan including having friends and family over to my apartment.  These events have given me wonderful experiences like having to figure out what to do when the sink gets clogged and I needed to do dishes before anyone can eat dessert because there weren’t enough plates or forks!

While thinking back to these gatherings, I’ve noticed that a lot of “fails” would have been avoided with proper preparation before the actual planning of a party.  Doing a bit of research to get some inspiration is always a good idea (hence all the very heavy books!).

I am so excited to share my thoughts and findings.  I’ve uncovered some tips on party etiquette that range from classical times to modern day bachelorette parties.  I didn’t realize that there were so many theories on how many chairs to place in a room and so many different ways to set a table!  Not only will I share my view on these interesting findings, but also how to use them in an event and perhaps stay in budget!



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