Friday, September 30, 2011

Answer: The Coat Closet

Have you ever arrived at a party, had the hostess or someone take your coat, and put it in a bedroom in a pile of everybody else’s coats.  Then,  at the end of the night when you can’t find your coat and spend a half hour hunting for your very cute Winter Pea-coat that is now SO wrinkly.  And then only to discover that one of the other guests had their spare lipstick in a coat pocket and it fell out and somehow left a huge mark on your sleeve!?
Coat Pile

I have found that this way of storing winter coats during a party is the biggest hassle!  I have a few tips and requests to help this issue for a hostess (and keep your guests’ sleeves lipstick free!

Answer:  The Coat Closet
Most homes (or apartments) have a closet near an entry way or front door.  However, like in my home, it is full (to about bust) with my own winter costs, umbrellas, gloves, scarves, random exercise equipment, etc, which means there is no space to put guests coats as they arrive. 
My suggestion for when you have a party, and the weather might not be great, (cold, snowy, or raining) consider your guests and remember to clear out as much space as possible in your coat closet!  I realize that this is going to add a yet another burden to your list of “Party Preparing To-Do’s”, however dealing with the trouble of cleaning up a bit up front solves any issues you could possibly have later!
Add empty hangers to the closet if you don’t normally store any in this closet.  Remember winter coats are usually heavy, and some people like to store their keys or other items in the pockets so use hangers than can hold a heavy load!
If you are expecting rain designate an area for wet umbrellas to either sit out or stand as to not lay all over the floor and create a slippery mess!  I use a plastic tote or bucket to hold the wet umbrellas and then just dump out the water after the party (seems a little weird, but at least my floors aren’t all wet!

Now you might be asking “What if I don’t have an entry way coat closet?!”  If this is the case, use other free closet space, either in a guest bedroom, or even your laundry room.  If you don’t want guests in these rooms, I suggest offering to take their coats at the door and labeling the hangers by who’s coat it is so it’s easy to find them when they are about to leave. 

Have you ever had the unfortunate situation of a ruined coat because of the dreadful coat pile?  Or perhaps almost slipped and fell because an entry way was wet from umbrella rain?  Share your horror stories in the comments!


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