Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Party Lighting - High and Low Light

Just like with music, lighting is a vital part of a party’s atmosphere.  Bright stage lights would be weird during an intimate date night dinner at home…. and low lights would be just as awkward during a large birthday party. 

Major lighting changes are hard to make with out buying new lamps, or re-wiring light switches to dimmer switchs (although dimmer switches are REALLY COOL!).  However, you can certainly alter the mood of the room with a few minor changes….

To create low light:
  • Put a thin scarf over lamps to darken the light (Possible fire hazard, so please only do this with CFLs or LEDs, they do not get hot!)
  • Use candles, or flameless candles around your event’s area to give light, but not bright bold light.
  • Use side lamps, rather than over head lights, this way lighting is coming from the side, and not from over head.
  • Keep colors of décor darker.

To create “high” light:
  • If it’s a sunny day, open up all the blinds, curtains, and window treatments that you can! Its FREE light!!
  • Use White Light bulbs, it creates a “brighter” feel
  • Use bright colors or white for décor colors, they won’t take away from the “bright light”

Note:  I tried SO HARD to get pictures of lighting for this post, however I totally failed!  Here is what happened:

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