Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Party Planning - Refrigerator Space

I don’t have a huge refrigerator… in fact, I think my fridge is smaller than most "normal" sized refrigerators (that's usually what happens in an apartment).  Soooo sometimes I run out of room in the fridge while making food for a party.  (I really hope I’m not the only one with this problem!!) 

{Note:  This is NOT my refridgerator, oh but how I would love this much space!!}

While trying to work on a solution to this problem, I have figured out a few tips on how to utilize all the space in your fridge and perhaps some tips on how to keep your party essentials “cool”.

1.       Clean out your fridge before you start making food, or buying beverages, this way you can use all the free room, rather than taking up valuable space with old and half empty food containers
2.       Think about what types of food and drinks you are going to be putting in your fridge/freezer.  It is possible by thinking prior to putting all the items in the fridge and playing tetris, you could save space by being smart!
3.       Put it in ICE…  Put your beverages on ice just a few hours before the party, this way they are chilled, but haven’t taken valuable space in the fridge.
4.       Do you have a chilly basement or garage?  Put stuff in these places if possible…

Note:  Be mindful of ALL food safety tips!  Some food may be harmful to your health if not stored at the appropriate temperature.

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