Thursday, May 17, 2012

Party Music: A How To for Play Lists

Whether it be smooth jazz lightly playing in the background of a dinner party/cocktail hour, or loud rockin’ music backing up a Bachelorette party, music is almost an essential part of party. 

Music keeps a lull in conversation from turning into an awkward silence or party ender.

I have been told that I have bad taste in music, so I will certainly not advise to which songs are appropriate for different settings (although I would not suggest heavy metal for a low lit dinner party).  I do however have many different ideas on how to gather music for such an occasion, make play lists, and even different ways to play the music….

I currently have many different ways to play music… different Ipods, an android phone, xbox, and laptop.  I have found that all can be helpful when trying to play music, however you don’t want to be messing around with the device all evening trying to forward through a vast music library to get to the proper songs.  

I suggest creating (or having other applications create) a play list.


     Now, if you have never created a play list, it may seem intimidating (for those of you “pre CD” types.. think of this as a “mix tape”).  Here are a few un-written (well, I guess now they are written) rules when creating a play list:

      1. Decide on the type of music to fit your event (Light Jazz?  Rock?  Country?  Big Band?) and          try to only pick songs from that genre.  (Mr Fix It Fiance suggests Charles Mingus….)
      2.  Don’t make the play list all one artist.
     3.  Don’t play songs that sound a lot alike back to back.
     4.  Do test out your play list and see how you like the flow of the songs one after another.
      5.  Do make sure that the play list “timing” is longer than the party.  You don’t want to run out of music… its awkward (been there….done that!!)

 If you are feeling creative, go through the music that you have, create a play list yourself!   

      If you aren’t feeling creative, or are lazy, there are plenty of other options:

1.  Itunes (and Itunes Genesis)
      2.  Windows Media Player
      3.  Pandora
      4. (haven’t tried this, but looks fun!)
      5. (haven’t tries this either, but also looks fun!)
      6.  Or have a creative and perhaps musically talented friend make your play list…

Remember, when you play music, no matter what kind, don’t play it too loudly so that guests have to scream at each other.  The music is supposed to be in the background, not the fore front of the party.


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