Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Wedding Planning: How SMASHing

I have been using websites like Pinterest, to help me search the internet for ideas when it comes to party planning, home organization, and fashion.  However, I still like the old fashioned, skimming through a magazine and tearing out the pictures of what I like!  

During the wedding planning process, I have been using one of my FAVORITE offline tools:  the SMASH book.  This book is a classy spiral bound book with scrap book paper already inside!   

I realize that Pinterest is so easy to use when scouring the internet, while planning an event, but I really like the fact that with this book, I can write notes to myself, keep a list of things to do in the handy back pocket, or keep it in my purse for the improptu "light bulb" idea with the half ink/half glue pen!

Note:  I was in no way compensated for this post!  I really just like SMASH books!!
Here it my SMASHing in progress:


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