Thursday, January 26, 2012

Barbie Doll Cake Tutorials

This week's post is about CAKE (surprise, surprise!)  Not just any type of cake, but Barbie cake.  I remember back to my childhood when my Mom would make this type of cake for my birthday.  I have never made a Barbie cake myself so I went searching for a tutorial.  I would like to share what I found!! 

Each of the pictures below are links to different tutorials, check them out!!   You could use tips from them both to create your own Barbie Doll Cake!   

Picture From:  Kristen Buesing

Picture From:  Butter Hearts Sugar

I will definately be using these tutorials and ideas in the future!  (Don't you think a Barbie doll cake with a bridal gown would be super cute for a bridal shower?)

Have you ever made a Barbie Doll Cake before and have a tutorial to share? 
 Leave your comments and tips below!

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