Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bake at 350 Feature

This week's Post is featuring probably the most scrumptious blog you can find!  

Bridget, the blogger behind this sweet and sugar based blog is a cookie lover that bakes, decorates, eats and blogs about her many cookie creations.  

One visit to her blog and you will understand why I chose to feature Bridget and her amazing  cookie creations.  Not only does she have excellent pictures that showcase her brilliant baking,  (like the one below that shows one of my favorite blog posts:  cookies that look like cake...nom nom nom!)  She also shows you how you can make them yourself by providing detailed step-by-step instructions for each of her tasty treats.  She passes along an unbelievable amount of detailed baking information that she has gathered as she created each of her amazing baked beauties!!!! 

Hey There, Cupcake!

Decorated sugar cookies are a FABULOUS way to add a bit of fun to a theme of a party, and you can use Bridget's tips from Bake at 350 to create gorgeous creations such as these.

Now go on over to Bake at 350 and get baking!!  

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