Thursday, January 5, 2012

10 Reasons to Celebrate

Sometimes its hard to think of a reason to party other than a holiday, birthday, promotion, etc.  

This Friday I wanted to help you realize that you can have a party to celebrate ANYTHING!  

But, to get your creative juices flowing, I am sharing some awesome reasons to celebrate that aren't your normal everyday reasons to party!  

   1.  Too many baked goods in the house

   2.  In-Laws just left from visiting for the week/weekend

   3.  Found an awesome new recipe to try

   4.  "I Hate Valentine's Day"  

   5.  Too much beer in the fridge

   6.  A new video game was just released 

   7.  Book/Clothes Swap
   8.  Celebrate ___ days until Christmas (or other holiday/birthday)

   9.  Try a out a fun craft from Pinterest

   10. Celebrate this year's Pantone Color of the year:  Tangerine Tango!

No matter what reason, or lack of one, its a perfect time for a party!

What are some of the reasons you have had a party for?  Do you like coming up with random themes and reasons to party?  Have you ever had a party "just because"?  Please share!

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