Sunday, November 27, 2011

How To: DIY Glass Milk Bottles

Lately I have been reading a great book, one that I would highly recommend, “Entertaining Simple” by Matthew Mead.  In his book he not only gives a list of basic necessities for the at- home hostess but also recipes and party ideas for “every kind of gathering.”  I found particularly useful the list of essential elements for parties.  In this section he gives examples of different flatware, plates, and cups, etc, and information regarding how to store or display your collection. (Lots of inspiration for any party planner’s pantry!) 

One piece from the list of essential elements that caught my eye was the non-traditional use of glass milk bottles.  They can be used as glassware or even interesting centerpieces (LOTS OF OPTIONS!)  You can find glass milk bottles online for purchase but that option didn’t fit in my budget.  Instead, I figured out how to repurpose my glass Starbucks Frappuccino bottles into classy party décor and I wanted to share it with you all!

Here is how to make Glass Milk Bottles from Starbucks Frappuccino containers.

Bill of Materials:
Glass Starbucks Frappuccino Containers
Soap and Water
Wash Cloth
Nail Polish Remover

First:  Empty the Starbucks Frappuccino containers (I drank mine!)

Second:  Rinse them inside and out by letting them soak in hot water for a few minutes. 

Third:  Peel off Starbucks label (it might leave behind some sticky residue).  Use a little elbow grease to scrub the sticky residue off the bottle with a wash cloth.

Fourth:  Use nail polish remover to clean off any stubborn adhesive and the date from the bottle.

Now use as a cute way to serve drinks at your next party!

Ta-Da your very own milk bottles! 

TIP:   Keep the caps, you can decorate them and use them again!

Now go have fun using these awesome glassware are your next party!


  1. A brillo pad and dish soap, with hot water, pulls off adhesive much faster and easier than wash cloth or nail polish remover.

    1. Thanks for the tip, I will try a brillo pad sometime! I'm sure that has a much better smell than nail polish remover!

  2. Rub peanut butter on sticky part of jar. Leave on for 10 mins. Rinse jar with rough side of sponge.. It's all gone !

  3. the date scrubs off with the nail polish remover needed! fill the bottle with hot water for 5 minutes..the label also peels of easily :)

    1. I must be impatient! I just want to get scrubbing!

  4. WD-40 takes off sticky residue left on the bottles too. Just spray some on and wait a few minutes and it will come right off!

    1. I can't wait to try this....most everyone has WD-40 somewhere in their home!

  5. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser will remove the leftover glue residue with very little effort.

  6. Goo Gone works to remove the residue from the label in about 30 seconds, and the date rubs off as well!

  7. The least toxic ways to remove most sticky labels (including price tags). Try the first one first, and then go to the next one if it's not adequate. Soak in hot water for 5-10 minutes and peel off. Dry it and apply coconut oil in a thin layer, let it sit for a few minutes and scrape off (repeat if it's working but not completely). Apply rubbing alcohol if neither water nor oil was the right solvent. Obviously, don't wet anything that can't be wet or has colors that run. If you think alcohol might remove colors in an item that has colors, test it on a small area. Rubbing alcohol will remove sharpie and other permanent markers from plastics--instead of scrubbing, try flooding the area and leaving a little on the surface, it the item permits (ie, the alcohol has a flat surface or a well to sit one), or load a tissue with alcohol and leave it in contact with the sticky spot for a while.



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