Sunday, September 30, 2012

How to Introduce Guests

Today is the first day of October, meaning only one more quarter left in the year!  I have found that this part of the year has the most holidays to celebrate.

Here are just a few biggies:



New Years Eve

.. not to mention you might have anniversaries, family birthdays, or other religious holidays.
In preparation for these upcoming events, I was thinking of a short and sweet little tip that will really help you, and your guests have a better time mingling with others.

Have you ever been to a party and have either not been introduced to other guests, or have been introduced to other guests by just their name and then forgotten it two seconds later?  I am REALLY bad with names and I realize lots of other people are too, so I use a bit of a "tip" to help my guests remember people's names.

It is easier to remember someone's name if you know something about them.  So rather than just introducing guests with just names I add a bit of information that they both have in common.  If you don't know of anything they have in common, try to give another piece of information, such as where they are from, or where they work.  It not only gives guests a common ground because now they know a bit about one another, but if they are friends of yours, they will probably be seeing each other again at another one of your future functions.

Happy First Day of the Last Quarter!


  1. Don't forget the pagan holidays Samhain and Yule! So fun to celebrate!

    1. Thank you for posting the link to such a complete list! Think of all the new holidays I can plan!


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