Monday, September 24, 2012

Something Rather Controversial...

I have been tossing an idea for a blog post back and forth in my heard for a while, because it is sometimes rather controversial.  I know what you are thinking… a party planning blog is not a place for a political discussion.  It is, however, a place for a discussion on Gift Registries.

I have my own opinions on gift registries and it is probably the closest to those of Emily Post and Martha Stewart.  My only "rule" if that you DO NOT under any circumstances write the places you are registered (wedding, baby or otherwise) in an invitation to a party.  The information of a registry is to be given out by word of mouth only.   

However, I know others have different opinions:

Some think that a gift registry is like billing your friends for the sheer fact that you are getting married.  Thus, not needing it to be in an invitation, because one would not exist.

Others think that it is okay to have a registry, but not anything extravagant (perhaps just bed linens, towels, and some things for a kitchen).  These types of items would be things the couple would not have already due to just starting out. 

And yet others think that if a host is going to foot the bill for their guest's expensive meals, they should be able to ask for what ever they want and the information regarding such registries should be placed in invitations because how else would guests know?

Being of the age where my friends are getting married, (and planning a wedding myself) I have seen the many "ugly" sides of a gift registry. 

What are your thoughts?  Do you like the idea of registries?  How about in an invitation?  Or do you think the whole idea is just rude to your beloved guests?

Share your thoughts in the comments!!


  1. I think gift registries are a great idea. I love giving a gift that they really want. However, I am with you in advertising gift registries. It should be word of mouth. Most people give money these days, others want to give a gift to open so why not give them something they really really want. But by no means, do not put it on the invitation. If you want, place it on your wedding website or let the bride, bridesmaids, moms pass the word.

  2. Thanks for commenting and for honestly stating you opinion! Word of mouth is so much more subtle than stating the information in an invitation.


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