Sunday, September 9, 2012

6 House Guest Rules

Just like with this Parking Problem, I understand that not everyone has the ability to comfortable host a guest (I've even made friends sleep on the floor "sleep over" style with bunches of blankets and pillows).  However, there are a few things that no matter what the situation, a hostess should do to give the comforts of home to a house (or apartment) guest.

You do not have to make your designated guest space (even if it is a couch) look like a 5 star hotel, but giving a guest these few items, will help them feel more "at home" in your home:

1.  Stack of classic movies if there is a tv and a dvd player.  You could provide a good book too.  Your guest may have different habits before bed, so give them some options, or at least open up the idea that they don't have to be on your same schedule.  

2.  Bathroom kit.  Include things like an extra toothbrush and toothpaste.

3.  Pillows and Sheets.  They don't have to match perfectly,  (in fact I still use my old Disney Princess sheet set) but make sure that what ever your guests are going to be sleeping on/ in is clean. 

4.  Space to put their clothes/belongings.  No guest wants to have their "dirty laundry" all over your house.  This doesn't mean you have to clear a whole closet, just a space, just for them.  Use these tips on creating space in a closet.

5.  Offer an outlet to "plug in".  These days everyone uses a cell phone as their main form of communication.  Give your guest a place to plug theirs in, so they aren't scrambling around trying to juice up their phone late at night.  

6  Your Attention.  No guest wants to be totally ignored, make sure you give your house guest attention while they are in town.  You don't need to act like a maid, but do remember that they are in your home and might not feel comfortable asking for things.  

Have you ever had a house guest?  Do you have a guest room, or did you have to house them in a different way?  Share your successes and failures at hosting a guest over night!

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