Thursday, December 29, 2011

Thank You Notes

Ever since I was old enough to hold a crayon in my hand I have been writing thank you notes to people who have given me gifts.  As I grew up I started to realize that fewer and fewer people write thank you notes.  Now, my Mr "Fix-It" Fiance (yes, we're engaged now!)  and I disagree on this issue every birthday, Christmas, or event that includes receiving a "gift." 

He thinks that a heartfelt "Thank You" is good enough and a written letter is not necessary.  I think that thank you notes are necessary for not only birthday or Christmas gifts, but also when someone goes out of their way for you (such as helps plan a party with you!)  Perhaps I go a little "over the top" with the thank you notes, but that's just me.

I'm not going to pressure you into writing thank you notes, there are obviously many schools of thought on the topic, but I do want to help you write one if you so choose!  (Try it out, it might be fun!)

Why Write a Thank You Note:

Writing a thank you note, is a formal way to thank someone for their gift, time, money, help, attendance, etc.  I would compare it much like a greeting card, it could possibly go in the trash after someone reads it, but for that moment while they are reading your heartfelt words, they appreciate it. 

Where to Wite a Thank You Note:

If you take the time to write a thank you note, then take the time to create a clean surface, find a nice pen, and even a decent chair to sit in.  You don't have to dress up in a prom dress just to write a formal thank you, but you don't want to make the note look like you were writing the note while trying to drive your car and drink your Starbucks. 

When to Write a Thank You Note:

There is no "expiration" on a thank you, however it would be rather weird to get a thank you note for attending a co-workers' daughters party 5 years ago, today.  Most books and references say about a month tops on thank you notes.  I like to get them out in a week or two, that way the reason or gift I want to thank them for is still fresh in my mind. 

What to Write in a Thank You Note:

Obviously in a thank you note you want to THANK the person for the gift they gave you.  However a letter that looks like

Dear Joe Doe,

Thanks for the cookie cutters.


looks rather foolish if you ask me.  A few things you can add to a thank you are:

For a Gift:
- What you are going to do with the gift
- When you will use it.
- How you felt when you received it.

For Time, Help, or Attendance to a function:
- Why you were so happy they attended.
- Thank them for a specific action.
- The way you felt to see them at the function.

A thank you note might look something like this:

Dear John Doe,

Thank you so much for the cookie cutters. 
They were excatly what I needed to
add to my collection.  I am so excited to
use them the next time I bake my famous
sugar cookies. 

Thank you,

Or this:

Dear John Doe,

Thank you for attending my birthday party. 
Your ability to make everyone
laugh is always appreciated
It really means a lot to me for you to be
a part of my special day.

Thank you,

Now, is it really that hard?  
Go on, have fun with it!!

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  1. I love thank you's! I feel the person receiving the thank you knows I really appreciate their thoughtfulness! I agree with you, thank you notes need to make a comeback!


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