Friday, December 2, 2011

Cookie Exchanges

This Friday starts something new here at Classy Event Organizer:  Fabulous Friday Featurette! What is this you may ask? Each Friday I will "feature" a blogger, website, product, or just awesome stuff that I think my readers could benefit from. (There are so many good ideas out there, I want to share some that I found!!)  

This week for the First Fabulous Friday Featurette is from Ellinée Design House.

Ellinée is a design studio based out of Portland, Oregon that specialized in wedding, baby, and (my favorite) holiday stationary.   

Not only do I just adore their website (so many great ideas and printables), but I Love, Love, LOVE their blog post on Cookie Exchanges

They offer a DIY party kit as well as party times and planning guide.   

So take a minute (or ten) and hop on over to Ellinée's blog and check out their post on Cookie Exchanges.

Thank you to Ellinée for allowing me to feature their fabulous blog post and website this Friday.

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