Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Classy Kitty Party: Breakfast at Tiffany's (Deux)

The Breakfast at Tiffany's "Welcome Home" party for my lovely new "Classy Kitty" was a success!  If you read part one, you remember that I used my handy dandy Party Planning Basics worksheet as well as Pinterest to help plan the party.  Also, I was lucky enough to enlist the help of a creative friend to ensure the party was fabulous!

Here is how the "Breakfast" turned out...  

(Check out the bottom left.. you can see a teeny tiny kitten paw!)

I decided that a breakfast buffet was the best idea for this party, mostly due to the "Breakfast" theme.  I served sweets (my guests really like sweets) and some breakfast foods.
The decorations changed a lot from the original plan for the party, mostly because it was REALLY hard to find different pieces of Tiffany Blue products that matched!  (Did you know that Tiffany Blue has its own Pantone color?  The exact color is PMS 1847 and isn't available in any Pantone book.)

Due to the lack of matching decor, I decided to use the blue as an accent rather than the main color and to instead use black and white as the main colors of the party.  To emphasize this, I used a black tablecloth with white plates as well as a black and white back drop.

Tip:  Table back drops are a fun way to enhance the party decor.  Also it's fun to dress up a wall if the everyday color doesn't match the party theme.  A cheap and easy way to add a back drop is to use a plastic table cloth and hang it from the ceiling down to the floor.  

As for adding the Tiffany Blue color to the table, I used an awesome icing recipie from Party Cupcake Ideas.  They say to use 6 parts blue and 2 parts green food coloring.  It worked perfectly!  (I added some white sprinkles for added classiness!) 

During my quest to find Tiffany Blue items, I happened to find Tiffany Blue Ribbon at the store and I used this on some candy and chocolate covered pretzels for some added flair.


A "How To" for these decorative candies is coming soon!

I made doughnut towers out of doughnuts holes and stuck a homemade 'Tiffany" tag into the top for some more "theme" decoration.

Milk Bottles are one of the cutest additions to a party table so I used some ribbon and more "Tiffany" tags to decorate the bottles.  

Although the party decorations were a huge hit, I made sure that the Classy Kitty was the center of attention. (Unfortunatly she had to eat her regularly scheduled Chicken and Liver!)  She received some new (not to mention AWESOME) toys and we all got to play.  She is now comfortable in her new home and has adjusted marvelously.  The Classy Kitty Party was so much fun, I can't wait to plan another one!  

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