Saturday, November 12, 2011

Classy Kitty Party: Breakfast at Tiffany's

Hello Classy Event Organizers!

I have to apologize for my short absence!  I have been a bit busy due to the addition to my household:  A beautiful kitten!

I have never had a pet (other than my betta fish) before, and if you have or ever had a kitten, you know how much work they can be!  But she loves to give kisses and cuddle.

During my absence I’ve spent the last two weeks re-arranging my townhouse to better suite my new kitten, as well as thinking about planning (you guessed it...) a “Welcome to the Family” party!

As you can imagine my fur-baby is a Classy Kitty, so she is going to need a classy party for an introduction to her new family and friends.  I decided to begin organizing the event by using the Party Planning Basics Worksheet (you can find this worksheet here) as a starting point for planning the shin-dig.

Here are my notes so far:

As you can see the details are a bit sparse, so I decided to log onto one of my favorite websites, Pinterest, to get some inspiration for my theme “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”.

If you have never used Pinterest before, it is a virtual pinboard website, where you can save your favorite “things” via a virtual pin board.  If you want to learn more about this awesome resource go here.

I use Pinterest to track not only my favorite products and recipes, but also my personal style as well as (you guessed again!) party ideas!!

When I have a new party to plan, I first create a new pin board, and then search a few key words and start pinning what I like.  Once I have a decent amount of pins collected to a board, I look them all over to reflect and start making decisions!  

Here are some pins I have gathered so far:

Stay Tuned as the process unfolds....

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