Thursday, March 22, 2018

Spring Time Round-Up

It is finally Spring!  Spring is a wonderful time of year, birds are chirping, flowers are starting to loom, and days are getting longer and warmer.  It's almost like a new beginning.  In fact, in some cultures, the Spring Equinox is considered the New Year!  This post is a round up of all the spring related posts to offer them in all one place!

The first holiday we celebrate in Springtime is Easter! Use one of these unique treats to make your Easter dessert extra special! 


Flowers are starting to bloom, indoor and outdoor.  Take a peek at these posts for tips on how to help African Violets to re-bloom and start your seeds indoors before summer arrives.

Want to create a fun cupcake for any spring related activity?  Garden Party anyone?  Check out these Flower Pot Cupcakes!

April showers bring May flowers, but they also cancel outdoor events.  Check out my thoughts on rain dates!

Do you have any Springtime topics you’d like me to review?  Would you like more Springtime treats to make?  What’s your favorite thing about Spring?

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