Sunday, January 28, 2018

African Violet Blooms

When I first started gardening my main focus was not on flowers, I really just wanted fresh herbs and a fun hobby, however few months ago I found a beautiful african Vvolet that I just needed to add to my ever growing collection.  It originally had several beautiful purple blooms and some buds just ready to open. 

After a couple weeks, I had cut off the dead flowers and was left with only three sad looking flowers.  I was so upset that I must have done something wrong; as I am a newbie gardener and african violets are known to be bit needy.  Luckily, I am located near two (yes TWO), African Violet Societies - The Cincinnati African Violet Society and the African Violet Society of Dayton and they put on a Spring Show and Sale this past April.  They were available for questions and I sure asked them!  I specifically asked about african violet's blooms and what I should do to help my african violet grow! 

They gave me two main tips:

1.  Light - make sure that the plant is getting enough light, but not too much.  Put the plant in a new spot for two weeks and watch the leaves, if they look too dark or too light, pick a new spot.

2. Time - african violets need time to rest after they bloom, wait about 6 to 8 weeks for new blooms before worrying or changing location too much.

I took their advice.  I made sure the plant was in a nice window sill and waited.  At the start of the 8th week I noticed tiny buds forming! It worked!  After a few more days I now have a bud about to bloom and several more growing!

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