Sunday, October 2, 2011

Streamers and Garlands and Bunting... Oh My!

I have learned something new in the last few weeks and I wanted to share it with you!  

Garlands and streamers have turned from prom night crepe paper to classy “bunting.  (I had actually never heard of the word “bunting” except for in sports jargon, but it closely resembles swim team flags but MUCH classier!) 

Now, I would consider myself as an expert streamer hanger!  Although I probably won’t put this title on my resume, it is a rather nice skill to have (perhaps I will write a How-To post on how to hang crepe paper streamers like a pro!  But, even being a super user of crepe paper, I have to admit I LOVE BUNTING!

After having learned of this new type of d├ęcor, I have put my skills to use during a Charity Fundraiser event at work.  I created my own flags, strung them up, and “ta da” my very first bunting garland!

First Bunting Garland

I made my bunting garland out of construction paper, but you could use fabric or any other kind of paper too.  Also, if you aren’t feeling very adventurous in making your own pattern (below is the one I made up ) {Or download the file from the FREEBIES page!}  You can always head over to Etsy and buy a party themed bunting pattern. 

First Bunting Pattern

Not only can bunting be used in a party setting, it can be used for everyday room decoration in craft and baby rooms. 

Lastly, here is a picture of “mini” bunting for a homemade card.  For this project I used cardstock and a bit of ribbon.  To create the homemade envelope I took apart an old envelope and used it as a pattern (then added some of ribbon for some extra class!)

Baby Shower Card

Happy Bunting!

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