Sunday, October 9, 2011

How To: Use for Party Decorations and MORE!

When it comes to party planning, my computer is one of my BEST FRIENDS!   It helps with organizing and implementation as well as with inspiration and creation.  One of the biggest uses of my computer when it comes to event organization is plethora of tools and utilities on the internet (many of which are totally FREE!) 

Not only are there fun websites like “Pinterest” that lets me save all my awesome party décor ideas, there are other websites such as and which can be used to create awesome party décor (or even home decorations!)  

Today’s post is an introduction to and how to use this really cool (and totally free) website for party decorations, invitations, or just everyday awesomeness! is a tool where you provide the text and it creates a word cloud.  The coolest part about the tool is that it gives prominence to the words that are provided more than once, meaning that a word that is entered twice is about twice as big as a word entered once.  (Perfect for creating a word cloud around a party‘s theme!

Once you have created your word cloud, Wordle also lets you change the layout, color scheme and font. 

Tip:  Save your text list (copy and paste it somewhere) while experimenting with Wordle in case you want to edit the list and try again.

Now that you understand how works here are a few ways I have used Wordle: 

Create Party Decorations/Invitations:
For an example of party decorations or invitations I played around with a Christmas theme.  I entered some words that I corresponded with a Christmas party into Wordle's text box and this is what was produced:

Christmas party invitation.  Also, this could be a great back drop for Christmas party dessert table as well.
I could use this picture in a variety of ways.  For instance, it could be used as the outside of a Christmas card or 

You could do the same thing for any type of Holiday or Party.  Get Creative! 

Create Inspiration:
One of the options on Wordle is to enter a website rather than list of words to produce a word cloud from the text on the website.  I used my blog and here is what came out:

I’m thinking about printing this word cloud out and putting in above my desk as a reminder of what my blog is all about!  I want to redo this one ever couple of weeks to see how my blog has progressed from one month to the next. 

Create your own Art:
I copy and pasted lyrics from a song I’m trying to learn on the guitar (“Breathe” by Anna Nalick).  Here are the lyrics from the song:   

I am thinking about printing this one, framing it, and putting it near where my guitar and music things sit.  The same could be done with a poem, speech, quote, or even a family tree.  Just print, frame and hang!

Have you ever used this website?  Do you have any “go to” websites to help you create wonderful (and FREE) party decorations?  Share in the comments section below!

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