Saturday, June 17, 2017

Galaxy Cupcakes: How To

I had a bit of a tough task this past week.  We planned on attending the Cincinnati Astronomical Society's picnic and I wanted to create a theme-appropriate dessert to share.  After searching the internet for some inspiration, I decided to make Galaxy Cupcakes!  These are perfect for stargazing parties, astronaut themed birthdays, and even an Astronomical Society picnic!

Here's what you need:

Cupcakes - any kind will do, my favorite is confetti, so that's what I made.
Icing - vanilla is preferred, but cream cheese or at other white base would get the job done
M&Ms- you'll need different sizes (you can see I opened the peanut butter ones already)
White Sprinkles - tiny nonpareil will work best
Food Coloring - I used blue, dark navy, and brown, but you can use blue and a bit of red. 

Let's get started!

Start with a plain cupcake.

Next, frost the top in a spiral, this helps with the "galaxy" effect.

Third, sprinkle with some sprinkles for stars!

Last, add a large yellow M&M for the "sun" and then mix the other sizes to represent planets.  I mix matched the sized, but tried to keep four different colors (blue, red, green, and orange). 

Here they all are, packed up for the picnic!  No two look alike!

Enjoy and happy stargazing!

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  1. I wanna thank you so much for all your amazing ideas. Im actually starting up a cupcake business and i never knew that i could do it but because of you i have done some amazing things so thank you. you are a true inspiration to me everything that you make and show lets people know they can always do so much if they put there mind to it.


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