Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Reason to Celebrate....

If you need to know at least one thing about me, its that I LOVE birthdays... especially the cake part.  (I really like cake).  Ever since I was old enough to hold a pen and paper in my hands, I would write up plans for my birthday party; everything from the homemade invitations, decorations, and guests to the activities and menu.  Most people keep old pictures and trinkets from their child hood- I kept my plans for my birthday parties and my plans for my wedding someday (I’ve been planning it since I was 10!)

As you can read in my “About Me”, I’ve been trying to find an outlet for my event organizing passion.  Although I would LOVE to have a different themed party every single weekend, that just isn’t plausible, (and my wallet just won’t allow it!)  I have been trying to use my useful knowledge for opportunities at work, and within my family, but I realized that I was just missing something.

Then, I came across the idea of a blog.  To not only share my event organizing skills but to also help other “do it yourself” hostesses create events that they are proud to say they hosted! 

Although not as exciting as my birthday, I am very happy to celebrate the unveiling of my very own website:  classyeventorganizer.com.  It has all the same awesome posts but with a few awesome additions:
          -  Easy to remember web address with no .wordpress.com!
          -  QR code that you can scan with a smart phone and bookmark the website!
          -  My very own C.E.O. email address:  Jessica@classyeventorganizer.com   
                 (feel free to email me with any comments, questions, tips, or tricks you want to share!)

I am very excited about this unveiling, and I hope you are too.

Now lets get organizing!
- Classy Event Organizer

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