Thursday, August 25, 2011

Outdoor Entertaining: Part Three

The Great Outdoors.  What comes to my mind is beautiful weather, gorgeous sunsets, blooming trees with leaves that change colors, flowers of all shapes and sizes, and Bugs?  Yes, Bugs!
Yes, those little creeper crawlers that buzz around and crawl on your picnic table.  The last thing you want is for one to land in your glass or on your platter of food!  ICK!   There are a few ways to keep these tiny critters away from your food and your guests!
1.      Use a Fan.  The wind from a fan (and it can be placed a decent distance from your table) will keep air moving and ward off most flying and buzzing bugs.  This is an easy, cheap option for bug repellant, but you will have to plug in the fan (and perhaps risk someone tripping on a cord!)  Any type of fan can be used for this approach.
2.      Citrus Candles and Torches.  For some reason citrus candles keep bugs away!  It’s a perfect bug repellant, not to mention a possible light source when the sun goes down.  The draw backs are that your guests will have to smell citrus during your party as well as trying to be careful of the fire (not as kid friendly)!  These scented candles can be found in most stores usually around the summer time.
3.       Food Covers.  This idea is my favorite and can be as easy as ordering a food cover online or going on a hunt to make one yourself!  These food covers are like tents for your plates and platters to sit under, to show off the food that you worked so hard to make but keep the bug OFF!  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any in a store (although many stores sell them online – which means S&H costs) so I went on a search to find something else that might work; and thus my first “How-To” was born:  How-To Make Your Own Food Covers!

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