Thursday, July 21, 2011

About Me

Hi, I’m Jessica, an accountant by trade, but with a huge passion for party planning. Ever since I was a young girl I have always had more fun planning an event (no matter how big/small, informal/formal) than I had actually at the event.  After many years of trying to find an outlet for this passion, I have decided to put it to good use by sharing my Classy Event Organizer (CEO) skills, ideas, utensils, and things I’ve learned with others.

According to a Classy Event Organizer means:
- Classy – adj.  of high class, rank, or grade; stylish; admirable smart; elegant
- Event –   n.  an occurrence, especially one of some importance
- Organizer – n.  a person who organizes or schedules work

I believe that by being a Classy Event Organizer (CEO) that I can skillfully organize an event (such as inviting friends over for dinner, office lunches, and the good old fashion birthday party) with the style and class that one deserves.  During any event I always keep in mind Coco Chanel’s famous quote “A girl should be too things:  Classy and Fabulous.”

I hope you enjoy!

- Classy Event Organizer

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