Sunday, February 4, 2018

DIY Forcing Bulbs

A busy schedule is something we all deal with, we just don’t get everything completed that we want to!  Last fall, I purchased tulip bulbs with the best intentions to plant them in the landscape, but I didn’t get a chance to do so.  When fall turned to winter, and the winter turned to above freezing, the Mr. found the already sprouting bulbs in the garage.

With this finding, I had a thought – my lack of follow through had started the “bulb forcing” process I might as well take this opportunity and make an arrangement!
Forcing Bulbs is the process of “faking” the environment a flower bulb needs in order to force it to bloom.
The first step in forcing bulbs is to start about 8 to 14 weeks (depending on the bulb) prior to when you want to start the blooming process and put your bulbs in the fridge to fake the “winter freezing” environment, this is their dormancy period.  My overzealous plans and garage did this part for me.

Rule of Thumb:
    Fridge in September to bloom in January
    Fridge in October to bloom in February
    Fridge in November to bloom in March
    Fridge in December to bloom in April

Next when you find your bulbs sprouting, take them out of the fridge, and into a cool place.  Once they turn green, it is time to give them water.  At this point you can put the bulbs in soil in a pot, or in water with gravel or decorative stones.  If you choose the water and gravel method, you will want a clear container to watch the water level.

Light and temperature are also important.  If you keep your bulbs in too warm an environment, they will get leggy. You will want to keep your bulbs growing in a window for some indirect sunlight and around 68 degrees. 

Here is some growth after about a week!  I will be sure to keep you updated with pictures of these arrangements!

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