Monday, April 18, 2016

Confetti Icing

I love all things Confetti - cake, cookies, pancakes, oreos, teddy grahams, and my new favorite - Icing!  I have a new and easy way to decorate baked goods from just two ingredients!

Bill of Materials

I suggest using a light color icing because you might not see the sprinkles through a dark chocolate.  You can use the sprinkles that come with icing or buy sprinkles in bulk!

First, pour your icing into a larger bowl big enough to whip it around.  Stir it around to soften the icing up a bit.

Second, dump your sprinkles into the bowl.  If you aren't sure how many you want, start with a few and whip it up. 

Add more sprinkles as necessary.  I like for my sprinkles to dominate the icing!!

Then use icing as you would normally. Either spread with knife or using pipping bag. 

Make sure you use a large enough icing tip for all the sprinkles to flow through - other wise they will get stuck!


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